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We constantly monitor Europe’s weather situation and climatic conditions, so as to be immediately ready to take action right after the atmospheric phenomena has occurred.

Our team can reach you in the areas hit by the adverse weather and start working directly where requested, with no limits in terms of area, immediately simplifying  your management and solution of the problem.

Top-quality materials and work tools, constant professional refresher training and development, qualified Italian labour and a consolidated experience in the sector complete our offer.

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Dealerships, authorised insurance companies and body repair shops

Contact us for an estimate, describing the damages caused to your automobile, for a quick solution to your problem. In case of dealerships, automobile fleets, body repair shops and authorised insurance companies, we are willing to carry out a free demo repair: we will repair one of your damaged cars free of charge and with no obligation on your part, for the purpose of actually demonstrating the quality and reliability offered by Hailstorm Tech.

Range of action

Hailstorm Tech’s well-established organisation can operate all over Europe!
Hailstorm Tech has also completed projects in North Africa, Russia and Australia.

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