Hailstorm Tech avails itself of a team of skilled technicians who have worked throughout Europe.

The method used by our company to repair indentations and dents does not require the use of paint and represents a faster and top-quality alternative to the traditional system, which instead requires the bodywork to be painted after the repair.

The PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) method, which was used by Mercedes-Benz during the 1940s and subsequently spread to the U.S., allows the repair of different types of bodywork damage, based on which our technicians can apply pressure techniques using specific instruments, including high-quality steel levers and professional reflecting lamps, or pulling techniques, by means of pins, glue and reverse hammers.

The traditional system quite often generates imperfections; in other words, parts of the bodywork may not look uniform, especially where the new paint meets the existing paint, resulting in misaligned shadows that are also visible to the naked eye, without the use specific lights.

Our method, on the other hand, offers:

  • The best results in terms of appearance, with no alterations of the original paint;
  • Considerable savings in terms of time and money thanks to the expertise of our skilled technicians;
  • A totally eco-friendly technology;
  • The possibility to restore your vehicle to its original conditions, with no loss of value!

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